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Welcome Back!


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Race Control
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Hello all and welcome back to Xplore Sim Racing! The last couple of years we took a break from having a site as all of our admins lives exploded with new responsibilities. We closed the site but kept racing, knowing all a long we would have a web presence again.

Well here we are! Back at it once again with a new home! So let’s settle in, make some new friends, and get back to the racing we never stopped doing! World Challenge Season 10 and a whole slew of new events are just around the corner!
Hello Holy Sword!!
Which series are you looking for? RF2, ACC or GTR2?
Good to be back, when will we have a kart championship again? I have new American Kart Tracks...😉
Hey!! Timetable has not been determined but it is on my mind 😁
Hi, I've just discovered you guys.
Just wondering if the content required to join the races is paid dlc, or free?
I'm racing on Rfactor2.
Hi, I've just discovered you guys.
Just wondering if the content required to join the races is paid dlc, or free?
I'm racing on Rfactor2.
Welcome to XSR! 🎉😁

Our XSCC (Xplore Sports Car Championship) uses primarily RF2 DLC in the way of cars, and a few of the tracks.

Until S397 releases their “race what you don’t own patch to full release stage” you will need the following DLC:
Cadillac DPi-V.R
GTE cars
Porsche 992 GT3 Cup
VIRginia Interational Raceway

Once they release that patch, in theory you will only need the car you want to drive and the tracks.

As for non-dlc content, you will need the tracks from the workshop or other location (links will be provided prior to the event if it isn’t in the workshop) and the Acura ARX-05 DPi by Advanced Simulation. We are running base skins for all content this season so no skin packs.

Any tracks on the list that they choose to release as DLC before we race them will likely change over because it is a higher quality version of the track but we will take them on a case by case basis.
Thanks for getting back to me!
That's quite a few cars that need to be bought then? I haven't done the maths, but I guess it's quite a lot of money. I'm sure it's well worth it if you are competing in an entire series, but I'm just thinking of doing an occasional race. I'm already committed to another series, but I just happened to have a Saturday evening free for a change.
I'll probably give it a miss, but I'll keep an eye on what you guys are doing.
We’ve been running RF2 for a few years now so they built up slowly for most of our members both current and past but all at once it is a heavy bill for sure.

Once the new update comes into the full release, they are saying you’ll just need the car you’re driving and the track. We haven’t fully looked into it yet, but it sounds promising for guys who don’t have everything already. It’s something we are digging into this week so we understand how it works and how we can help our members with it
and for those on a nostalgia kick, we also have gtr2 series running.
Hello everybody, I thought I would revive this thread. What a great bunch we’ve got here. I think I’ve crossed paths with most of you through the years (R2P TPG NAGTL and of course Xplore’s various iterations). Now that autumn is upon us and winter is coming, we should have plenty of time for our virtual silliness.
-don’t drive like my brother…