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[News] Spike Spiegel Wins the XSR Porsche Cup presented by Shade Tree PC!

#74 Spike Spiegel leads #65 Daniel Hunter into T1 at Autodrom Most

It was a thrilling season! There is no other way to put it. While XSR's regrowth has admittedly been slower than we would like, there was no shortage of action in the third season of Porsche Cup presented by ShadeTree PC. Short races, combined with custom rules to allow all drivers to compete for the race wins and championship all season long, seeing a final points deficit of just 21 points between Renegade Autosport's Spike Spiegel and Daniel Hunter. This is despite that fact that Hunter missed a couple of races throughout the season. Spiegel, the pilot of the #74 Porsche 992 GT3 Cup racked up 4 wins, 3 additional podiums, and 18 bonus points on his way to the championship title for the 2nd time in a row, having narrowly missed out on it in Season 1, and taking home the crown in Season 2 three years ago.

Finishing out the top 5 were #5 Tim Hunter, giving Renegade a clean sweep of the podium, #27 Glenn Briden, and #11 Alexi Rhaan.

News has come out of Administration that there may be some non-points Porsche Cup events yet to land on the calendar for 2023, and a new season of Porsche Cup in 2024! For more information on the XSR Porsche Cup 2023 presented by ShadeTree PC, head to "The Track" section of our forums, where you will find the series forum. For more information on ShadeTree PC and their services, please visit their website by clicking >>THIS LINK<<


#65 Daniel Hunter leads the field at NOLA Motorsports Park #11 Alexi Rhaan
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