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Sim Racing Teams at XSR


Race Control
Race Control
League Coordinator
Grand Champion 2017
Grand Champion 2020
Grand Champion 2022
Teams can be registered with Administration for operation in XSR leagues or elsewhere. Preferably we would like for teams to have at least one member committed to a league here, but as long as your members are active in the community we will generally accept the team's request to have a home here. Registering a team is really simple, just go to the Forms section by using the link in the top navigation table, then open the Team Registration form and fill it out. At this time it is free to use our space to host your team. While that may change in the future, a fee is not currently on our radar.

- Private forum space that only your members and Administration have access to, so no prying eyes from other teams. Administration will only have a peak if your Moderator or another user requests we look into the Teams activities for bad conduct or race infractions. These cases will be taken individually and we have the right to terminate the agreement with your team to have space on here based on this or any other reason we see necessary.
- Private User Group, complete with Team Logo banners for your drivers (look to the left in my user info area for a preview, as I am with Renegade Autosport).
- Custom color bars on your forum pages.
- More to come in the future as we expand!!

The rules are very simple
1) Typical forum behavior is to be exhibited by all members of your team. While the conversations don't strictly have to be family friendly, if they are hateful to anyone it is not allowed and warnings and if it is necessary, bans will be passed out. We don't like bans so be nice.
2) You will need to designate a Moderator to handle small forum issues who will be required to follow XSR Moderation rules.

That's it for now!
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