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[News] rFactor 2 Patch day 3/6/2023

BTCC Updates
BMW 330 BTCC v1.21
Ford Focus BTCC v1.35
Honda Civic Type R BTCC v1.05
Hyundai i30 BTCC v1.39
Infiniti Q50 BTCC v1.41
Toyota Corolla BTCC v1.51
Vauxhall Astra BTCC v1.05
-Removed unnecessary extra engine map used with old P2P

GT3 Updates

Aston Martin Vantage GT3 v3.57
-5 kg
Audi R8 GT3 v3.57
No change
Audi R8 2019 GT3 v3.57
No change
Bentley Continental GT3 v3.57
No change
Bentley Continental 2020 GT3 v3.57
-5 kg
BMW M4 GT3 v3.57
No change
BMW M6 GT3 v3.57
No change
Callaway Corvette GT3 v3.57
-10 kg
Ferrari 488 GT3 v3.57
No change
McLaren 650s GT3 v3.57
-5 kg
McLaren 720s GT3 v3.57
-15 kg
Mercedes AMG GT3 v3.57
-15 kg
Porsche 991 GT3 v3.57
No change
Radical RXC GT3 v3.57
Fixed showroom loading error

Vanwall update

Vanwall Vandervell v1.21
-Minor adjustments to engine
-Updated decals on 2023 teans

Track updates

Long Beach v1.05
-Enabled fences and removed few far objects from mirror view
-Fixed fountain water flow UV seam
-Terrain mesh split optimizations
-Minor terrain material tuning
-Removed some unused GMTs
-Fixed RRBIN files