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[News] New rFactor 2 un owned content Server Join.

Hi there seems to be MANY questions about the NEW RF2 Multiplayer feature.

How it works you can join a server that has DLC content you do NOT OWN but there are a few CATCHS.

First this ONLY works for DLC content regular workshop content you MUST install as regular.

Second In order to join a server with DLC content you do NOT OWN you must first DOWNLOAD that content to your PC.

The choices are either through the games UI page or through steam ( Steam method NOT shown here. )

Using the game UI:

1: Go to Content & Settings TAB

2: Go to MANAGE CONTENT section

3: Select STORE CONTENT tab.

In order to find content you do NOT own or have INSTALLED scroll to the BOTTOM of this list anything with a RED X you must select.

On the Right side you will see an option " Install # item " ( # = how many things you select. ) Click this to install these files.

Once finished you will have to scroll UP until you find the item installed.

The sreen will now show the item as INSTALLED but NOT in your library.

At this point you should be able to join the server with this content even though you don't OWN it.

** This may seem Complicated but once you have done it a few times it is VERY SIMPLE. **

** My recomendation is every time there is a NEW DLC go and update your content list with anything you decide NOT to buy at that time. **

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Here is the text for download.


  • Not own DLC join.txt
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You can also sort the columns by clicking on the column title. So a quick way to see what is uninstalled is to click the Installed column once or twice and all your Xs should jump to the top