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Race Control
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Most of us have been on forums before so you generally know how to behave so I’ll keep this short and sweet:

1) Be kind to your fellow sim racer. We are all in this for fun. I get things on track happen and can carry over, I get that heated discussions happen and that’s ok, I get that stories and jokes need telling that’s fine. Start slinging hate of any kind around this place and we are gonna have a problem.

2) In order to use any forms on this site, including series entry forms, you must be an active member. That means participating in conversations here on the forums. Start a conversation in General Discussion, ask a question about one of the leagues, tell us a funny sim racing story, submit a sim racing or real world racing news story to our News & Reviews section. We aren’t going to make it a chore for you but we want you to be a part of our community. Forms page is linked in the NavBar at the top of the site.

3) Intentional Crashing will not be tolerated. Heavy penalties including but not limited to permanent bans can be and have in the past been enforced. We don’t like doing it but this is no place for crashing someone else out because you didn’t like something they did on track. Let the stewards handle it.

4) The resource section is free to use. You can add files (up to 4mb) or use an outside URL on your resource listing. Do not upload a file unless you are the author or have consent from the author to post it here. Outside links to RaceDepartment and the like are ok within reason. Bogus resources can also cause you problems. Mega.NZ is a great free file hosting tool that is also secure and links from there will work just as well.