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[News] Automobilista 2 V1.4.5.2 & New DLC Packs RELEASED! ( Sorry This is a BIG one. )

Automobilista 2 V1.4.5.2 Update is now released, along with 3 new DLC packs: Brazilian Racing Legends, Supercars & Historical Track Pack* are all available now!

*Please note Bathurst 1983 is part of this package but not yet available in-game, will be added over the course of January.

Beyong the new content, the new update brings a long list of valuable improvements - check out the complete list below.
V1.4.3.3 -> V1.4.5.2 CHANGELOG



  • Added Nissan R89C to Group C class
  • Added Nissan R390 GT1 to GT1 class
  • Added 2017 Nissan GT-R to GT3 class
  • Added new F-Classic Gen3 class (4 generic models)
Brazilian Racing Legends Pt1 DLC:
  • Added Brabham BT49 to F-Retro Gen2 Class
  • Added Brabham BT52 to Formula Retro Gen3 Class
  • Added Lotus 98T to F-Classic Gen1 Class
  • Added Mclaren MP4/4 to F-Classic Gen2 Class
  • Added Mclaren MP4/5B to F-Classic Gen3 class
  • Added Mclaren MP4/6 to F-Classic Gen4 class

Supercars Pt1 DLC:
  • Added Mclaren Senna, Brabham BT62 to new Hypercars Class
  • Added Corvette C8 Z06 to Supercars Class

Historical Track Pack DLC:
  • Added Cascais 1988
  • Added Jerez 1988
  • Added Random Failure Scale option
  • Added pit speed limit option to single race.
  • Added rule/content filter presets for custom events
  • Added Multiplayer support for Timescaling random failures
  • AI can now DLC vehicles even if user does not own them
  • Added 40+ years of real historic weather data for the locations that were missing it (Buskerud, Campo Grande, Curvelo, Goiania, Guapore, Indianapolis, Ortona, Velocitta
  • Adjusted gamepad damping bounds to allow smaller base levels and removed some baked in non-linearity
  • Updated Logitech TrueForce implementation following Logitech´s recommended specification
  • Renamed F-Classic Gen3 as F-Classic Gen4
  • Renamed Street Cars class as Supercars class

  • Added secondary mapping options for main vehicle motion inputs on main menu controls screen
  • Added controller binding options for increase/decrease fuel map (Note: existing profiles will need to manually rebind these or reset the user set to activate)
  • Added secondary bind options for vehicle tab of main menu assignments page
  • Fixed missing localisation of cockpit configuration button
  • Added Failure scale setting to lobby session details pane
  • Fixed HUD Radar colour logic
  • Minor adjustment to F-USA Speedway tire tread (all gens) Street F-Retro Gen2
  • Enabled bumpdraft and sidedraft physics in all tracks (was enabled only in Oval tracks)
  • Added Advanced Mechanical Damage Modelling for Stock Car Brasil 2019-2022, Super V8, Copa Truck, Stock Omega 1999, Sprintrace, ARC Camaro, Lancer Cup, Street Cars, Supercars. F-3, F-Trainer & F-Vee, Copa Classic, Hot Cars, Opala (all models), Caterham (all models), GT5
  • Revised loose wheel failure stress thresholds and added wing failure for F-Classic (all gens), F-V12, F-V10 (both gens), F-Reiza, F-Ultimate (both gens), F-USA (all gens)
  • Revised loose wheel failure stress thresholds on all cars with AMDM
  • FFB ajustments for Group C, GT1, GT3 (all models) Cadillac DPi, F-V12, GT1, GTE, GT3, GT4, Group C, BMW Procar
  • Brabham BT46B: Revised fan physics & added ambient pressure effect; Adjusted aero for new fan physics
  • F-USA (All gen oval variants): Decreased dirty air effect on cooling
  • F-Classic G1M1: Adjusted ultimate power output and default boost pressure
  • F-Classic G1M2: Revised engine with new turbo, fuel consumption and power output to diversify class
  • Lotus 79: Minor aero adjustments
  • Brabham BT46: Updated fan car physics
  • F-Classic (all models): Corrected front tire dimensions; revised gear mis-shifting tolerance
  • AMDM: Added wing failure logic to older open wheelers from F-Vintage Gen2 to F-Retro Gen3; Increased risk of oil and turbo failure on GT-type cars
  • Added support for individual front / rear onboard adjustable roll bars & disabled rear roll bars for F-Classics (all gens), F-Retros Gen2 & 3 , SprintRace; Disabled onboard roll bars altogether for Metalmoro AJRs, Mercedes CLK LM, Mclaren MP4/12 (still incorrectly had it enabled)
  • Corvette GTP: Slightly raised CoG height
  • Fixed CTD with Omega Stock Car 1999
  • Adjusted AI code for less hesitation when trying to overtake on straights
  • Fixed bug that could cause AI to pit too often due to tire wear
  • Rebuilt GT3 Ai roster to include Nissan GT-R GT3.
  • Updated Stock Car Brazil 2022 driver levels to reflect final championship results
  • AI calibration pass for F-Retro Gen2
  • Improved AI lines in the following specific cases: when defending position, when avoiding lateral contact with human player, when avoiding corner cutting; Improved detection of incidents that lead to yellow flags or full course yellow.
  • Adjusted AI lateral movement ratio (generally less jerky moves to try overtake)
  • Spa Francorchamps 1970: New AI fast lines & performance adjustments
  • Further AI calibration for F-Vintage Gen1&2

  • Further adjustments to wall reflections
  • Set up F-Classic Gen1 M2 with BMW I4 sounds

  • Spa Francorchamps 2020/2022: Add additional portable light tower at Eau Rouge
  • Spa Francorchamps 1970: Set 1000km layout Max AI participants to 32
  • Added custom grip range for Kyalami Historic for slightly less grip & updated range for Cleveland

  • Added support for driver outfit livery overrides
  • Added support for driver helmet livery overrides for all remaining formula cars
  • Updated cockpit Motec to include the following info: TC settings; shifting lights for the M8 and the 911 RSR; headlights pictogram on the Corvette C8 R display; 2nd page on the RSR (3rd still needed)
  • Adjusted undertray sparks logic
  • Opala (all models): Added tachometer damping function
  • Corvette C3: Speedometer units converted to MPH
  • McLaren MP4/4: Fixed rain drops issue on cockpit glass
  • Corvette C8R: Fixed revs jumping between shifts in rare cases
  • StockCar Omega: Fixed stikers flickering issue
  • Mclaren 720 GT3: Fixed misaligned hood in the cockpit view