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The XSR Grand Championship


Race Control
Race Control
League Coordinator
Grand Champion 2017
Grand Champion 2020
Grand Champion 2022
GC_2021_Entrant.pngWhat is it? Well, lets just say that to be crowned Xplore Sim Racing's Grand Champion, is to receive our highest honor as a driver. First contested in 2016, the Grand Championship was scored by a driver's performance in all XSR leagues and special events through the year. So think of each league XSR runs a year as if it was a race, and your finishing position in that "race" scored you points towards the Grand Championship. So as you can imagine, we see it as a big deal to crown a Grand Champion because its a year long effort. Not all of our events and series count towards the Grand Championship, but the majority of them do. How long will it take you to become Xplore Sim Racing's next Grand Champion?

2016: Cameron Sansano
2017: Spike Spiegel
2018: Glenn Briden
2019: Glenn Briden
2020: Spike Spiegel
2021: Spencer Kemble
2022: Spike Spiegel
2023: Daniel Hunter
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Congratulations to @Turbolader (Daniel) for earning his first XSR Grand Championship!!