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#1 Members Real Racing Experience

Postby Mongoose » Tue Jul 10, 2018 9:30 pm

One thing I am not sure we have discussed is the real world racing exploits of some of our members. Lets fire up the conversation!

I will kick things off with my own experience. Many of my driver group know I ran in a kart race a couple of years ago. Sadly at this time that's the extent of my experience. It was a 24 Hour race with Endurance Karting at NOLA Motorsports Park, the 24 Hours of America. I was drafted in along with Catfish by Davy Benham of Satellite Racing (also found on several sim racing sites). I had never done such a fact I didn't even know it but there's a kart track half an hour from my house. Anyway, I got to NOLA and met Ryan and Andrew, and finally got to put a face to Davy's voice. It was a great weekend, and while the race didn't go so well as we would have liked, I still had a massive amount of fun.

Did I mention we ran those karts in the rain on slicks? Friday was the practice session and it was pouring all day so I got soaked, but got a crash course on karting in the rain which ended up helping me during the race. My first stint or two were dry, but as night fell, rain came. By the time my first night stint started the track had started to dry off but it was still somewhat wet and greasy, which continued to be the theme all throughout my night shift stints. Just as the dry line showed itself, more light rain would fall. Throughout the race I think I totaled 7 stints, half of which were wet stints. It was a damn fun event, and I am hoping to get back to it soon.

Who else is a racer here?
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#2 Re: Members Real Racing Experience

Postby Renato » Wed Jul 11, 2018 10:15 am

Hello Good morning, my experience in real races is very few, but I really enjoyed when I ran 3 hours straight in a 45hp kart, that was in 2010, here in Brazil has a track considered as an international track (Guaratinguetá Kart track) due to amount of layouts I could use, and that day I took a completely different route from what I was used to running.
I had already 2 hours and 2 hours and a half of racing and behold I managed to top my kart, accelerated too much in an elbow curve and lost the back of the kart, he ended up skating and falls into a hole in the area of ​​escape and with that overboard, it was really bad because of the weight of the kart on top of me and I with my head bent forward, holding the weight of the kart all over me, .... but we managed to turn the kart back, but I had to leave because of neck pain, put another in my place and he ended up finishing in 16th place, but had no sensation better than guiding a kart at more than 110 km / h, I still continue from time to time to drive one but well restricted due to the age of my children, but one day I will come back, to turn around.

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#3 Re: Members Real Racing Experience

Postby gbriden » Wed Jul 11, 2018 9:34 pm

So real world racing well from 1985 till 1991 I worked with a very good friend of mine as 1 of 3 pit crew at Toronto Motorsports park a local 2.8 KM road course. Mainly I was the tire and Brakes man with a side helping of Engine builder. Once in awhile I would drive in endurance races. I have run numerous track days at local Road tracks and Short ovals.
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