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#1 Endurance Venues

Postby XSR Race Control » Sun Oct 01, 2017 5:30 pm

As 2018 approaches we are considering an endurance league to take place on the weekends. The series will most likely be run in Automobilista with our GT3 World Challenge mod that will be running on Monday nights on a weekly basis. We are still figuring a few details such as one 6 race series in 2018, one 12 race series in 2018 or a 6 race series in 2018 as a Spring/Fall set up. Races will be 2-4 hours in length and will feature driver changes. What we want to know is what tracks would you all like to run in an endurance format. We already have a few in mind, but replying to this thread is how you put in your two cents and all replies will be considered.
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