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Would You Commit to a 4 or 6 hour Kart Race?

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#1 Endurance Length Kart Race Poll

Postby XSR Race Control » Sat Jul 22, 2017 6:17 pm

We are gauging interest in a kart race we had mentioned in the past few months that will be endurance length for what we are used to around here. We are looking at 4 hours but could go as high as 6 hours. The race will take place in either Automobilista or rFactor 2 but can not take place without a considerable amount of commitment from drivers before we can go through with it. What ever karts and track we choose will be stock/developer released dlc content in AMS or Steam Workshop Content developed by S397. As we are still working out the details, we have a tentative date of August 6th set aside for this race, but that is a very early decision and may change with it being relatively short notice for an event of this magnitude. Here are some more details and the poll:

Date: Aug 6, 2017 or TBD
Day of Week: Sunday
Length of race: 4 (20 hours simulated) or 6 Hours (24 hours simulated)
Weather: Locked to dry
Drivers Per Kart: 1 or 2
Total Kart slots: up to 16- still have to double check this number
Total Driver Slots: Up to 32, or 2x kart cap/
Max stint: 40 minutes

Tell us which game you prefer to run this in by replying to this post.
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